Our Hairstory website (not to be confused with the wonderful photo series done by Solana Cain) is a result of a conversation I had with my two college roommates about our hair.


I talked with them about how white beauty standards and my biracial identity complicated how I viewed my hair and by extension, myself, referencing a personal essay I wrote in 2016. One of my roommates, a screenwriting major named Amy Thomas,  related to this experience, noting how her biracial identity was especially obvious in her hair, making her feel alienated from her family. The my other roommate, another screenwriting major named Sky Mattioli, told her story of how shaving her head in her youth stunned her entire grade--even while she was fond of her new look.

In any case, I realized how large of a factor hair played in the shaping of our identities, even as we all represented different cultures/groups of people. This website is made to connect these stories, to augment the voices of people of varying identities and backgrounds, in sharing their hair stories (discussing how their hair and their identity are intertwined and the consequences and benefits of this).


Hair is a big deal. Let's talk about it.

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